List of Course Offerings

Here is where you can learn about the programs of study, the courses needed and how to apply for admissions to the BHHS curriculum. Students not enrolled in the curriculum are also welcome to take select courses

View the list of courses available for the A.A.S. curriculum and the certificate programs.

BHHS Courses Open for Non-Majors

Program of Study

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How to Apply

The following courses are open for all students at the College who are English 101 ready: BHHS101, BHHS 103, BHHS105, BHHS 121, BHHS 151, BHHS 161, BHHS 171, BHHS 241, BHHS 222 and
BHHS 277. Students who have not met the English requirements can register for BHHS 105, 121 and 151.

There are a growing number of our courses that can be taken either partially (hybrid) or fully (distance) using the Canvas program and the Internet. This saves time and money by reducing travel time and costs.  However, students will be required to increase the time they are active in completing assignments. 

The BHHS Curriculum is open enrolled for anyone who is English 101 ready. (You are considered English 101 ready either by your score on the entrance examination or yoursuccessful completion of English 098.) If you have any questions beyond how to apply to the curriculum, please contact the BHHS Curriculum Coordinator, Ms.Kerry Arnold, by email at to answer your concerns or to arrange a meeting with her.

ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS include both the A.A.S. degree and the following Certificate programs: Human Services, Recovery and Transformation, Disability Studies,
and Social Gerontology.