You apply for this through a company called Cogent Systems.Their current fee is
$27.50, which you can pay on line by credit card or send them a money order. Go to the website for registration After you enter the website, click the Department of Public Welfare Option or the Department of Education Option, depending on where you will be placed. Then click on "Registration" and follow the
instruction. After you receive confirmation from them, you go to one of the fingerprint
sites and arrange a time to be fingerprinted. Click here for locations. If you have any
questions, call 1-877-371-5422.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance Form

All students enrolled in the BHHS Associate Degree granting curriculum are required to take BHHS
195 and BHHS 213 to meet the practica requirements.. Students seeking a certificate are required to take BHHS 195

Ms. Marketta Kelly is the Practicum Placement Specialist who is responsible for all student practicum placements. Her office is BR-34 in the Bonnell Building. As soon as you sign up for either BHHS 195 or BHHS 213, you need to follow  the steps below for obtaining a placement.

You can either apply on-line (credit card required) or you can download the form and
pay with a $10 money order. Go to the website for registration. and
follow the directions. If you have any questions, call 1-888-783-7972.

Criminal Record Background Check

 In accordance with the laws of the State of PA- you may be required to submit clearances (Pa.Child Abuse Clearance, Pa. Criminal History Clearance, and the FBI Criminal History Background Check with fingerprints) if you desire to work with a vulnerable populations at placement sites.
It is essential that you have these clearances before doing a practicum at a site requiring them.  Depending on your practicum site rules, you may need from one to three of the clearance forms. Below is a list of each one and what is needed to be done by you. These clearances can take from 4 to 6 weeks to complete and you must have it before starting the practicum.  Failure to do so may result in your being dropped from the practicum course.

This page will give you all the information you will need to successfully apply for and obtain a practicum site needed for BHHS 195 and BHHS 213

FBI Criminal History Background Check

Steps for Obtaining a Placement

1.  Register for BHHS 195 or BHHS 213 with a BHHS advisor, or if you register on-line, make
certain you meet the prerequisites for either of the courses. It is best to seek the advice
of a BHHS faculty member before registering on-line for a practicum.

2.  Obtain and fill in the Practicum Preference Form and return this form to the Practicum
Placement Supervisor immediately after registering for the practicum course. You can
obtain this form by                              Return the form either by mailing to her address: Ms.
Marketta Kelly, Community College of Philadelphia, 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130 or by emailing her at

You can also obtain the form by contacting her in person by goingto Room BR 34.

3.  Ms. Kelly will contact you soon after receiving the Practicum Placement Form from you, to meet
with you to begin the process of finding a placement. This step should be completed 4-6
weeks before the semester begins. It is the student's responsibility to keep this appointment in a timely way.

4.  Following the meeting with Ms. Kelly, you will be given the names of two agencies to
contact. Your responsibility is to call the agencies and set up an appointment for an
interview. After the interview, you must keep in contact with the agency until the
placement is secure. Never wait more than two weeks for final approval. If you are having
any difficulty with this process, contact Ms. Kelly for help.

5.  Once the agency approves your placement, contact Ms.Kelly and give her the
agency's name along with the supervisor's name and contact information.
Remember, it is your responsibility to have a placement before the semester
begins, so if you run into problems, keep in close contact with Ms. Kelly.

Need for a Security Clearance

You can obtain and fill in this form by going to the Pennsylvania Department of Public
Welfare website.Click on the following website to get the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History
Clearance Form (cy 113) form. The fee for this is $10. Read the instructions on the form for
submission and payment. You need to print the form and fill it in. It must be mailed in with
your payment. Read over the instructions carefully, but if you have any further questions,
call them at 1-877-371-5422.