Each full-time BHHS faculty member is charged with helping you plan your academic
progress. This service is provided free and serves to assure you take the courses needed
to progress in the curriculum and to graduate. Make certain that you only use BHHS faculty
members for advising, as they are the experts. They are also very helpful in helping you if
you plan to transfer to four year institutions after completing your studies at the College.
Finally, your BHHS faculty curriculum advisor can serve as a mentor to you while going
through your studies.

Instructions for My Degree Path

The College is offering a new service to students that helps you track the courses.
This will assure you are taking courses you need to graduate from the curriculum. To
get into "My Degree Path, do the following:
1. Sign in to "MyCCP"
2. Click on to the "MYGPS" tab along the top
3. Select "My Degree Path"

Register on-line

Here is all the information you need about advising and registration

Steps for Getting an Advisor

If you want to register on-line, you can do so using MYCCP. For students who
have not completed at least 24 credits, it is highly recommended that you see a
BHHS advisor before registering. Always remember to fill in and select courses
using the on-line My Degree Path form

There are several ways to obtain a BHHS Curriculum Advisor. You can directly ask a
BHHS faculty member to serve as an advisor to you.

This website also announces when BHHS faculty have been appointed to do walk-in
advising. Go to the Home Page of this website for current information

You can go directly to the Advising Center located in BG-12.   Students can obtain a schedule of when a BHHS advisor will .

You can request the advisor by name, or simply ask for the
first available BHHS faculty member to do the advising.
Remember that making an appointment is a commitment on your part to keep the
appointment. If you run into a problem, it is your responsibility to contact the faculty
member and re-arrange the appointment time. Do this prior to the appointed time and
Equally important, be certain to go to MyCCP and sign in to My Degree Path to update
your information before meeting with the advisor. (See Directions Below)